Close-up is a category of porn content that focuses on intimate, detailed shots of sexual activity. This type of content typically features close-up shots of body parts, such as genitals and/or other intimate areas, as well as details such as fingering or penetration. Close-up porn is an especially popular choice for those looking to experience the more tactile and intimate side of intense sex acts.

Exotic Erotic 2 - Fedra - TheLifeErotic

Exotic Erotic 2 - Fedra - TheLifeErotic
Fedra, a petite brunette with smoldering brown eyes, walks into a living room. She's dressed in an oversized black blouse, unbuttoned to expose her beautiful small breasts and close-trimmed pussy. She's also wearing thick black stockings, and black strappy shoes with chrome detail on the high spike heels and platform soles. She unbuckles one shoe and sits on a small couch, legs splayed wide, then grabs her ankle and pulls her foot toward her crotch. Holding the heel, she rubs the back of her shoe against her clit. Then she removes it from her foot and sucks on the heel like she's going down on a cock. Meanwhile, she uses her hand to work her stocking-clad foot against her slit. After peeling off the stocking, she caresses her pretty, bare foot then strokes herself with her naked heel, rubbing her fingers against her clit, too. Grabbing the shoe, she teases her slit with the tip of the metal heel then slips it inside of her wet pussy like a dildo, working it in and out and twisting it around. Sprawling back, she screws herself with the heel and her fingers then, after pausing to taste her cream off of the shiny chrome, she sets the shoe aside and plays with her pussy two-handed. Her fingers sink in to the knuckle, then pull out again, splaying and exposing her slick, shiny pink. Turning to kneel on the couch, she flaunts her firm, tight butt as she reaches down and back to caress her pussy then she stretches back her other hand and slides a finger in her asshole, double-penetrating herself. Finally, she sits back down and grinds her fingers against her clit, circling them faster and faster, her breasts quivering as she gets closer to orgasm. She moans and gasps, continuing to stroke her snatch as she cums. Then, as her engorged, tender slit spasms, she squirts, soaking the couch all captured in beautiful, sharp close-up by the camera.
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